Thursday, February 26, 2009

Schmap Dallas and Austin

Recently I've had three photos accepted for inclusion in Schmap. This one, is in Schmap Dallas, and the following two are in Schmap Austin. There's no pay involved, but it's nice to have the photos recognized.

taxi comedy art car 2

Arts District, Dallas, Texas. Click on photo for more details at Flickr.

Texas State Capitol building

Texas State Capitol building, Austin, Texas.
Texas State Capitol building

Schmap is a map alternative that can be downloaded to your phone or computer. It's a digital guide to many large cities. Check it out. Schmap has collected a lot of interesting pictures on both Dallas and Austin, as well as info on places to visit and things to do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Giving Back through Somaly Mam

One of the ways I like to spend profits from my jewelry business is in donating funds to worthy causes, or to micro-lending programs. I've posted several times about Kiva, a great micro-lending program, but today I'm posting about the Somaly Mam Foundation.

The Somaly Mam Foundation exists to combat the slave trade. Their stated vision is a world where human trafficking does not exist. Somaly Mam is also the name of a renowned Cambodian activist who was herself a child sex slave. Now she labors to free other children and young women from similar fates.

I make monthly donations to the foundation from my business account. You don't have to be wealthy; donations for as little as two dollars per month can be made, or you can make a one time donation. Check it out.

A book about Somaly Mam is available at Amazon.

My husband and I recently saw Taken at the theater. It's a very good action flick and a very sobering view of the sex slave trade. I'm glad I saw it after my nieces were safely back from their overseas trip.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Working with Steel Wire

I've wanted to weave with wire for a long time. I finally found some black annealed steel in several gauges. Here is my first creation with the steel wire:

I made it my size. My hand doesn't fold at all so I can almost never find a bangle big enough for my hand.

The steel is surprisingly forgiving. I made some mistakes, took them out, and redid portions all without breaking the wire. Sterling would have broken. All in all I'm pleased with it.

I haven't sealed the wire with anything to protect the finish from rust. Since I'm keeping this one I probably won't seal it. The ones I make to sell will be sealed. Right now I'm leaning toward a matte finish spray sealer. I'm going to do some tests.

I'm having surgery this morning on my right wrist for carpal tunnel. If something doesn't delay the surgery it will be finished by the time this posts. Hopefully all will go well, and I'll make a swift recovery and be back to making jewelry soon.