Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Minute Photos--The Eclipse

Ralph and I waited until almost the very last second to take photos of the partial solar eclipse 5/20/12.  After the eclipse had already started I insisted we jump in the car and seek an open horizon so I could take photos.  We jumped in the car and drove toward the sun until we found a spot.

partial solar eclipse 5/20/12

I had a polarized filter from my ancient manual film camera that I held up in front of the lens on my camera.  The clouds helped by toning things down a little. 

partial solar eclipe 5/30/23

And it's gone.  I really am  the Queen of the Last Minute.

If you want to see a really good picture that was taken only a few miles from this one check out this photo on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page here.

And for gorgeous landscape pictures check out the contest winners on Flickr


Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Leslie,
Great shot!
At least you got that picture and got to see the eclipse. I was in the house working on a project while it was happening.

Angela said...

Off-topic, Leslie: I gave you an award on my blog for being awesome.