Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quest for Antarctica

Recently I was at a show in Tyler, Texas when a former customer came by. A couple of years previously she had purchased some Amazonite earrings from me. She told me she had selected them because the green/blue color made her think of Antarctica and she really wanted to go there. "And did you?" I asked.

She did. Turns out, she got a job in Antarctica (washing dishes) and wore the earrings I made while there.

I think that is so cool! And daring! Antarctica is one of the remaining areas that's not fully explored, right up there with the bottom of the ocean, outer space, plus some jungles and probably some mountains in Tibet and China. It's really cold and I admire anyone daring enough to go someplace that cold. My feet get painfully cold about November and don't warm up until March so I'm pretty sure I'd be at risk for some amputations.

Plus, she was wearing my earrings. I'll never go to Antarctica, but at least my earrings have been there.

BTW, the education level among the janitorial staff in Antarctica is the highest of any place in the world. That's because there aren't many openings or chances to go there and people with doctorates will apply for any job just for the great chance to work in Antarctica.

I don't know what her other dreams and goals are, but I hope she's as successful at accomplishing them as she
was with this one.

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