Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stefan and Colby skateboarding in downtown Dallas

Stefan is crazy about skating in downtown Dallas so we took him and a couple of his friends this afternoon. The first three tricks are Colby and the fourth one is Stefan.

Ralph and I went to Fry's and Half-Price Books a did a little shopping while we were waiting on them.


Babette said...

Your boys are great skateboarders, Leslie! That was fun watching them nearly break their necks. What do I know though . . . I'm a grandma 6 times and each time the grandkids scale ~UP~ the doorjams with bare feet I cringe. When you come to Dallas again, come by and say hello. Tell your boys that we have one of the few skateboard parks in Dallas near where we live. Babette

Leslie said...

Thanks, Babette. Colby isn't actually mine, he's Stefan's friend. Stefan used to scale the doorways too, starting when he was about four. Drove me crazy. We've been to that new skatepark. It's really nice.