Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photo Journal

Winter is ending.

ice sickles

The ice has melted.

ice on cedar tree

The bulbs in the backyard are blooming....

yellow flowers of spring

as well as the rosemary by the drive.

rosemary blooming

Ralph and Pawlie are napping. Almost asleep:

almost asleep

Until the flash:

almost awake

I love their identical expressions.

Guess who Pawlie Newman is named for?


Sugar Baby is sleeping in her favorite spot.

Sugar Baby in her favorite box

In the morning I spot the neighbor's geese and guineas venturing out into the yards.

a flock of guineas & a gaggle of geese

Scrappy, Sugar Baby and Pawlie see them too.

I spy a bird (see note)

It's difficult to sneak up on the geese with the cats tagging along but I manage a shot of these two goosestepping geese.

goose stepping

Altogether it's a good day.



Ruralrose said...

I am so crazy pleased to find your blog, what a breath of fresh air for me housebound in my winter solace - your sense of humor shows so well, the way you love nature and to see how much your man loves you when he looks at you - well priceless - peace

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Rose. I used to want to live off the land like you are doing but it never happened. Maybe I will retire to the family farm one day though...