Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When Customer Service Gets Personal

Not too long ago I started twittering. I have a three main motivations for this:

  1. to connect with other people,
  2. to connect with local people (technology isn't quite there on this one)
  3. to promote my jewelry
I have two accounts: "lctodd" and "nostoneunstrung." 

I couple of days ago I found that Fire Mountain Gems had a new twitter account and I followed them on my @nostoneunstrung account. I've been a customer of Fire Mountain Gems for years.

I got this direct message from them:

FireMtnGems thanks for the follow & mention! Congrats on your new etsy store -- beautiful hand hammered wire jewelry!

My  account profiles linked to my blog. (I plan on linking my nostoneunstrung account to my etsy store soon.) I expect people to check out the link when I follow them but I didn't expect the personal message. Usually I can't tell if someone has even looked at the page.

I've gotten some nice direct messages from some people but this is the best example I've seen of good customer service using twitter. I appreciate the personal touch and the compliment. I already have a good opinion of the company (they've always had good customer service) but this little personal touch cements my feelings. The person behind the account looked at my link page enough to see the hand hammered earrings.

 I imagine that if I weren't already a customer I'd be just as pleased. 

Social media is new to me.  I'm no expert.  But I think this is a great example of how to use Twitter to promote your business.

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