Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Goodness

Here are a few photos from around the house and family this spring and summer.

black swallowtail butterfly

Black swallowtails aren't nearly as shy as their tiger swallowtail cousins.

tiger swallowtail butterfly

I did get some shots of a tiger swallowtail.

There were three family weddings this spring:

My niece Angela and Suhail married in New York.

My niece Sarah and Chris married in Cancun, Mexico.

mary & bobby

And their mother Mary married Bobby in Texas after parachuting to the venue.

mary & bobby

My nephew Daniel graduated from high school. Here my father helps him tie his tie.


I think Dad's wondering if someone who can't tie a tie is ready to graduate.


We had the nosebleed seats.


Here he is afterwards with my parents.


The grand finale to the graduation:


Back home the garden is doing better than ever.

garden goodness

The Virginia Creeper leaves have already turned.

virginia creeper leaves

That's all for today!

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