Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Percolator and My First Giveaway!


I've been playing with my new Percolator iPhone app.  It's so much fun I wish I had a Percolator version for my laptop.  I percolated this from a photo I took of a water lily in the gold fish pond.


Here's a lizard.  I love the way the app makes mosaics. Check out the Percolator group on Flickr here.

Now for the giveaway!  I managed to buy two copies of the July-August-September Artful Blogging, so I'm giving one away.  If you missed getting one or are wanting to check out the magazine here's your chance.  This is one of my very favorite magazines!  It's chock full of gorgeous photography and beautiful blogs, along with tips on your own blogging.

Comment on this post.  I'll randomly select a winner next Monday, September 13, and ship this off to you. Stay tuned, I'll be giving away a book next week.

Update 09/12/10:  There's still time to post a comment.  I'll cut off comments tomorrow evening at 10 pm.


Alice said...

Love the percolator creations!

I've seen Artful Blogging at Barnes & Noble but always reach for jewelry related magazines. I'd love to have this one...please pick me.

Corrie said...

I would love to check out this magazine. Congrats on your first giveaway!


Susan said...

I have drooled over this magazine many times! Would love to have a copy. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jules said...

Hi Leslie! Awesome! As you can tell from my blog...I definitely need some help :)
Cool phone app, I'll have to see if my Droid has something similar to play with. Your etchings are fantastic.
I am a beginner photographer and my brother just gave me his old camera this weekend, I'm going to check out Susans book.
Thanks for the giveaway!

thetexpatstarling said...

Thanks, Leslie. Great idea for the giveaway.

I finally bit the bullet and took on a new public blog and joined Twitter. I'll follow you. It's all my old stuff, but organized, edited, and with only my own photography. Also, no names, which made the hubby happy- he's so paranoid!