Sunday, November 21, 2010

Solder Play

I've been taking Stephanie Lee's Homesteaders 2 online class.  Here's a few pics of my works in progress.

first floodings

These are small pieces of brass that I flooded with solder.  I'm satisfied with the flooding, except for the bottom two that I used a different solder on, but my bezel making with the copper pipe isn't going so well.

first copper bezels soldered

The solder is kind of grainy looking after I heated it again to solder the bezels.  And I'm having trouble getting the bezels covered completely with solder on the outside.  I need more practice but I'm having fun with the class. I've antiqued the bezels above with Novacan patina.  It did cover the little bare copper spots. I think I'll go for a "dug up at an archeology dig" look with whatever I put in them. Until I can do better things are going to look rustic.


Alice said...

Looks good! I didn't sign up for the second course since I have waaaay too much going on. But I did purchase the DVD from the first course so that should help a bunch. I barely got past the copper pipe bezels, but did manage to make a nice little chain. Next year I hope to have more time to work on the projects.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Alice. I have my last show the weekend after Thanksgiving, so this is kind of the beginning of my down time, at least as far as jewelry goes. I hope to work on this and some other new techniques between now and March, when I go to Adorn Me!

Tami Roth said...

Leslie, they look wonderful!!! Isn't this fun?!

Leslie Todd said...

Yes, it is. I'm really looking forward to soldering some brass stampings.

Jenni said...

Hey Leslie.. I tried to find the course that you are doing to achieve these... I tried to follow the link but got lost somewhere.. LOL.. Would you mind sending me the link so I can have a look at it.. It looks very interesting... Cheers Jenni

Leslie Todd said...

There's a link "I'm Homesteading with Stephanie Lee" on the right side of the blog or you can go to

Both go to her blog. Registration for the last Homesteader's class is closed. I'm not sure what Stephanie's schedule will be but I'm sure she'll have another one. Sign up for her email list to be notified. She does have sign up for a journaling class going on right now.

Stephanie also has a great book called Semiprecious Salvage. There's an Amazon widget on the right of the blog that has the book on it. If you click you can see it at Amazon.

ziggy stardust said...

I like these, I think you are doing great! I just bough Stepanies book because the class is closed. It was overwhelming when I took a first look, just looking over the supply list was intimidating! looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Ziggy. The book is great. Just start with one of the easier projects if you are a beginner. And Stephanie is probably going to do another round of the class.