Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday--Don't Look, Billye!

I've been working on a birthday present for my friend Billye the last couple of days.  I got this cool dimple tool from Richard Salley and it makes little bumps that look just like braille.  So I decided to make a pendant for Billye that says bff (best friend forever) on it in braille.

The first one I did I realized was too thin so I backed with brass.  It ended up being too big and not what I had in mind.  So I started over last night. 

Here's what I have so far:

braille pendant in progress

The photo is larger than life.  It's about half an inch wide and 1 3/4 inches long.  I'm going to put a dangle on the bottom and a pearl or something on the top and hang it on a silver chain. I did the tiniest textured edge with my hammer.  I still have to buff out some tiny scratches that were on the metal when I got it and put a patina on it. 

The other thing on the bead table is this awesome pendant by my friend Martha Eason of Menagerie Studio.  

house pendant by Menagerie Studio

Martha has a pendant in this month's Stringing magazine. It's shown on page 23 in a necklace by Suzette Bentley. 

And I have yet more brass etching that needs to go in a bath to remove the pink. Plus I have lots of earrings and other items that are waiting for their photos so I can list them. 

getting ready to list

I'm really slow getting things listed.  

Check out what's on every one's bead table at:


Linda Landig said...

What an awesome idea for a pendant! Your friend is going to love it!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Linda! I hope so.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, I have that dimple tool too, just haven't used it yet! Looks great Leslie, she will love it - Kim

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Kim. It's a fun tool for adding texture. You should give yours a test drive.

Martha said...

Love the earrings! I hope you get them listed soon. :}

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Martha! Me too. :)

Pretty Things said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I love those cards!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Lori. I started doing them about a year ago. It's fun making the cards.

Janet said...

Wonderful pendant!!
Your friend is Blessed!

Gaby Bee said...

That pendant is amazing! Your friend is going to love it! Your earrings are gorgeous also!


Leslie Todd said...

thanks, Gaby!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Janet!