Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cabs and Charms

I feel like I got a few things done today, even though I didn't do much work on the "magic" necklace.  The morning started off with an AAUW (American Association of University Women) meeting that was quite productive.  We finished it up a little after noon and then my friend Martha, of Menagerie Studio, and I decided to make a quick run into Dallas to the Rock Barrell.  I wanted to get some turquoise cabs and she wanted findings. 

We hit the interstate and within a few minutes were on a parking lot on a bridge across Lake Ray Hubbard.  Traffic was barely moving.  We were on the bridge for an hour and a half.  At least it gave Martha and I time to catch up with each other. 

Martha brought me the charms I had ordered from her.

menagerie studio charms

I love these little charms even more now that I've seen them close up.  The hearts with text have the works cherish and child on them with a floral texture on the back.  The fleur de lis hearts have a clock texture on the back. These will become earrings. I think I'll keep the top pair for myself!

We exited the interstate at the first exit.  There was a sign stating that the freeway was closed ahead.  Wish they had posted that sign many miles earlier!  We made it to the Rock Barrell 15 minutes before closing!  I quickly found these cabs.


These cabs range from 8 to 25 mm.  Most are turquoise, but there are two chrysocola, one fancy jasper, and one dyed howlite. Martha found some beads but not the findings she was after.

We drove home a completely different way. Since we were already in Dallas we had to make a few other retail stops.  

Once home I worked a little on cleaning up the holes on the iron escutcheon plate I'm using on the "magic" necklace. The holes were jagged and just waiting to catch a drill bit so I ground them instead.  I got them big enough for the rivets to go through, but I think they are going to give me trouble when I drill the back plate. That's a job for another day though. 


Therese's Treasures said...

Leslie, those are beautiful heart charms and will make really cute earrings. Love the cabs you purchased. Oh how I remember those long delays in traffic when I lived and worked in Texas.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Therese! Martha's charms are great to work with.

The traffic was particularly bad all over Dallas--much worse than the usual Saturday.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Those hearts are adorable I love all the detail too! Beautiful stuff!

Leslie Todd said...

Martha really adds a lot of detail to her charms. I love the way the backs are decorated too.