Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our neighbors, Christina and Carlos, invited us to their Halloween party Saturday.  We hadn't been to a Halloween party in years and this was a really fun party.

Can you guess what I dressed as?  Here are some clues, starting from the top and working down:


Not yet?  Here's some more clues:

some bling

I wore a little vintage bling and a brass necklace with a sundial pendant.  Ralph gave me the sundial pendant years ago during my re-enactor stage.  It's a copy of a historical one. 

artisan pin

I also wore this awesome Halloween pin by Wendy Leaumont of My Brainchild.


And I had these lace gloves with the mysterious looking ring with Asian script. Naturally I can't remember what it says.

If you haven't guessed (or seen my new Facebook profile pic) this should clear things up:


Yes, that's right.  I dressed as a witch.  Ralph dressed as a mad scientist.  As I told my parents, we went as ourselves.


Christina took this picture of us at the party.  That's a slide rule Ralph is holding.  It's a vintage one that he actually used back in the day.

Christina and Carlos are so creative.  They made a haunted maze in the back yard utilizing the deck and yard. It was complete with scary stuff, a fog machine, laser lights and all sorts of fun. Christina led everyone through one at a time and there was a lot of screaming involved.  It was a blast.  Some of the children of their extended family and some friends were posted in various locations within the maze, ready to scare whoever happened by. It was impressive and so much fun!

None of the pictures I took of the costumes at the party came out.  Christina is supposed to send me some she took and I'll post them when I get them.  

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Anonymous said...

OMG what adorable costumes! I wish I had some of that vintage bling you are wearing!!!!!

Sharyl said...

Until I got to the shoes, I was guessing Marie Antoinette! Now wouldn't that be a fun one for a costume party--oh, the hair! Your idea looks much more comfortable!

I kept my slide rule too--are they collector's items yet? Don't think I could part with mine though I wouldn't use again it in a million years. Just knowing it's in the drawer gives me some kind of comfort of days gone by (though I never really got the hang of the darn thing)!

Glad you all had a good time!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Marcy and Sharyl. It was a fun night!