Monday, July 7, 2008

Tutorial Monday-Mei of Wirebliss

This week for Tutorial Monday I'm reviewing the Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial from Mei of WireBliss.

Lately I've been really interested in doing rings. This is a very lovely ring, and I purchased the tutorial on Etsy. The tutorial is delivered as a PDF. It's well written with lots of good detailed photos. I found it very easy to follow. The directions were clear and complete.

Here's a sample page from the tutorial. Remember that the resolution of my blog will not be nearly what the actual tutorial is.

Here are the first practice rings I did using the tutorial.

Mei calls for 22 gauge wire, but I wanted to start out learning with my less expensive craft wire, so I used a 20 gauge tarnish resistant wire in gold and copper, and some leftover beads that I had handy. This worked well, although the 20 gauge doesn't have the beautiful dainty look of Mei's rings. I also experimented with Czech glass firepolish in the center rather than using all Swarovski. Swarovski will definitely be more sparkly so I'll use that next. If you like to use heavier wire with rings I think 20 gauge is probably the heaviest wire that can be used with the small crystals, but 19 gauge might work. Now that I've had some practice I'm going to do some with 22 gauge sterling and gold filled wire. Pearls can also be used in this ring design, and Mei has a picture of a ring made with pearls that is very attractive.

This is a good tutorial for beginners as well as more experienced wire wrappers. I've never done any complex wire work so I consider myself a beginner. I found the directions easy to follow. The tutorial is also very reasonably priced at $6.00 USD.

You can view Mei's wire jewelry on her blogs, WireBliss Jewelry , WireBliss: Handcrafted Wire Wrap Jewelry, and her etsy store, Wirebliss. Be sure to check out her Wire Wrap Donut pendant tutorial that is available at Etsy.


Mei Tan said...

Leslie, Thanks for this posting. Appreciate it very much. Sorry about my blog link - wireblissmei.blogspot.
I was working on revamping the look and got stuck halfway last night when I can't get it back to "anybody" can view. Its back to normal now but the layout still needs revamping here and there :)

Leslie Todd said...

No problem, I updated the post to make the link active. I like the new arrangement.

Corra said...

Very nice rings indeed, and I have got the tutorial from Mei too, the tutorial is definitely well worth the price!

Leslie Todd said...

Corra, you have some very interesting tutorials on your site too. In fact, I looked at them not too long ago. The Love Knot Pippa earrings look very interesting, and very unique in design.

mohdariqsalem said...

hi leslie! i had purchase this toturial also..tell u what im really like this toturial it was very clear..easy for the new also..

Leslie Todd said...

Yati, thanks for the comment. I looked really quickly at your site. I really like your dragonflies. Very creative! I'm on my way out of town so I will check it out more on my return.