Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Business End of Things

This time of year I usually don't have any shows so I catch up on the business end of things. What I need to do now is
  • sales tax. It's due Tuesday, so no procrastinating.
  • take new pictures of my jewelry for use as jury photos when applying for shows. I have already applied for one major show and have several more applications that have to be in either February 1st or the 15th.
  • update my booth photo (see above, taken about this time in 2006). I do have large scale photos of my jewelry that I plan to hang on the sides. I need a business sign to put on the back wall. I need to do this fast, because of approaching show application deadlines. The weather is not cooperating.
  • update the actual booth. I want to figure out how to add some height to my displays without having to worry about wind blowing things down, or without having to take a trailer with me. I'm not sure this is possible. Right now everything fits in the car and the humongous five-body trunk, except for my family. When they come along, which isn't that often, I have to rent a trailer. I know what you're thinking--I stick hubby and son in the trailer... or the trunk. No, no, no. I free up space in the car and they ride with me.
  • update my website. Nearly everything has sold. Out with the old and on with the new! Of course, I have to take pictures of the new. Somehow I always procrastinate at this point.
  • decide on my business name. I've been wanting to change for a while and now is the time to do it. Then I need to go to Staples and get a sign.

On top of this I have a couple of necklaces to finish for customers, and I am scheduled to sub at the middle school for Wednesday through Friday this coming week. We had a pay raise last year and the money is now good enough that it is very hard to turn down a day.

I've just about decided to go with Leslie Todd Jewelry as a business name. Possibly I should go with Leslie Todd Jewelry & Accessories. When I google Leslie Todd not much on me comes up, at least not on the first page. When I google Leslie Todd jewelry lots comes up on me, especially the first page.

The other name possibilities I thought of were Eclectic Stone and No Stone Unstrung. No one else is using Eclectic Stone, but it's kind of hard for some people to pronounce and that will make it hard to remember. No Stone Unstrung is the name of my blog, so it has potential. I don't want people to think I just do stringing though. I could go with Essential Adornment, the name of my Etsy store, but it has the same problems as Eclectic Stone.

Enough blogging, I have to do the sales tax.


A Marie said...

I think I prefer No Stone Unstrung. It's witty. I like wit. But you can't go wrong with your name.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, a marie. I'm still vaccilating betweem the two. I appreciate the feedback.