Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a New Year

It's another new year and I've decided that the thing I most want to do this year is get my beading stuff organized. Right now I seem to have stuff in every room in the house and I'm tired of it. I'm cleaning out a room and making a studio out of it. It's not as big as I need so I shall have to be ruthless in getting rid of stuff.

The other thing I want to do it learn some new jewelry making skills. I want to improve my wire work and my work with Art Clay.

We had a busy holiday traveling around. We had Christmas in two places, Christmas Eve in another, and two family reunions.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the gatherings.

Here is my son Stefan sleeping at the family reunion for my paternal grandmother's family. We had this reunion the weekend after Christmas. He also slept at the family reunion for my paternal grandfather's family. It was two weekends before Christmas. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture then. He's growing so fast it's hard to keep him both full of food and awake.

We had Christmas at my Mom and Dad's the Sunday before Christmas. That was the day that nearly everyone could get there. Here is my niece Sarah with my mother.

Here's my husband Ralph with his mother.

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