Sunday, March 2, 2008

Taking Pictures of Cats

I've decided taking pictures of cats is much like pilling them. It's a very hit-or-miss operation. Of course, since someone invented pill poppers (a tool with a plunger for holding the pill and popping it down the cat's throat for those of you who don't own cats) pilling is at least possible. Except for Maizie. Pilling Maizie = pilling buzz saw.

I decided to take pictures of the cats. The cats decided not to pose. They did what they usually do. They see the camera and almost invariably walk up to it and press their wet little noses on it. Then they turn around and and point their hairy little behinds right at the lens. I thought of taking hairy little cat behind photos but the cats wouldn't care. Maybe next time. I did manage to get Sugar Baby (above), with an only slightly perturbed look. I got a more perturbed look out of her but decided to post this one. Then I got Jazz with her slightly perturbed look. I know the second photo is blurred. She did the other thing the cats do, which is to walk off in the middle of the shot. I like it though so I've decided it's "artistically" blurred.

And here is Scrappy, who is demonstrating the putting the nose on the camera part. He never looks perturbed. Hopefully my next camera will focus at one or two inches and I'll get better shots of the cats putting their noses up to the camera.

Hey, maybe I could sell a coffee table book--"Cats and Their Hairy Behinds."


Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie, your kitty cats are GORGEOUS! I am a big cat lover and have 3 as well. One of mine is orange like yours and one has spotty face similar to yours too! Hope to see you at Adorn Me next year. Marcy

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Marcy! I'll be at Adorn Me! I'm already excited about it.