Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Again & Exhausted

I've just finished doing ArtFest 2008, which was at Fair Park in Dallas. The architecture at Fair Park is wonderful and someday soon I have to go up there with my camera. There are seven museums on the complex and it's worth going just to look at the buildings. I couldn't find any pictures that were good on the web, but you can go here and look at a small picture of the tower building. My booth was in front of the tower building. To quote from the City of Dallas website: "Designated a National Historic Landmark, Fair Park has the largest collection of 1930s Art Deco architecture in the United States and is the only unaltered pre-1950s World's Fair site in the nation." They just don't build like this anymore.

It was pretty hot at ArtFest, and this early in the year I'm not used to the heat. The crowd there was more "arty" than many of the shows I do, and they were really looking for different, artistic things. There was also some very fine art. I was able to briefly look at some of sculptor G. M. Webb's work. He has dimensional wire work faces that are outstanding and very unique. None of his recent work is on his website. The work shown on the website was flatter than what I saw at the show. He told me he shaped the wire with his fingers, no tools.

The show started Friday evening with a wine tasting and stroll, and continued through Saturday and Sunday.

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