Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday iPhone Photo Fun

I like using alliteration in titles, just in case you can't tell.


Recently I read an article in the Autumn issue of Somerset Digital Studio.  The article is "Designing Digitally with your iPhone" by Nettie Edwards.  I was amazed by her work and  inspired to try some collage style editing with my iPhone apps.

The above photo was created by merging two photos using the app Backgroundz. Then I cropped the photo using the Photoshop Express app. 


Next I used Pic Grunger to produce the above shot and these:



Here's a second series using the Pic Grunger app:




The flower pictures will make a background for further collage after some more work. I'm pretty happy with the thistle pictures just the way they are.  Probably I'll find other things to do with them when I get some more practice and more apps.  The framed thistle picture and the first flower picture are my favorites.

The original thistle photo is here. I spent an hour or so one very windy day taking photos of thistles and the bees that were busy harvesting the pollen.  The wind was gusting very hard and whipping the flowers back and forth. Many of the plants were taller than I am. It was difficult to get shots. At times I held the stalk with one hand and the camera with the other. The bees were sometimes blown right off the thistles. I've been told that most people take close up and macro pictures of insects like bees with the camera on a tripod using a telephoto lens from a little distance.  Not me.  I get up close and run like a girl if the bees and wasps get upset.


QueenMarcy said...

Leslie, that is WAY COOL! Wow, I am so non-techie that I could not do it, but it is amazing and sounds like fun.

Leslie Todd said...

Actually, the iPhone apps are pretty non-technical. I have Photoshop Elements for my PC and it is a little more technical. It's all a lot of fun.

My Life Under the Bus said...

This alone makes me want an iphone...sigh.. Thanks so much for the book it's AWESOME!!!

Leslie Todd said...

I read a rumor that the iPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixal camera...I'm really lusting after it now. Probably I will just upgrade to the 4 after the 5 comes out.