Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vintage Shopping Fun

I stopped by the Tipsy Tango in Quinlan, TX a few days ago. It's one of my favorite places for vintage finds.  Every time I go in there it looks like a completely different store.  

Tipsy Tango, Quinlan TX  

This time it was full of vintage mannequins, wedding gowns and other curiosities. 

Tipsy Tango, Quinlan TX

Here's a cool vanity.  I'm kind of fond of shabby chic/cottage style decor.

Tipsy Tango, Quinlan TX

And a dresser.

Tipsy Tango, Quinlan TX

I did get this wire folding screen.  I think I'm going to use it as part of an earring display.  It folds completely flat.  I swear I can't get one more thing in my car when I'm traveling to shows unless it will fold up really small.  That's Pawlie Newman checking it out. Anyone want some rosemary?  I have a very overgrown hedge there in the background that I really need to dig up...someday.

folding screen

 I also got these two lamp shade frames.  I like them just how they are--it's kind of an industrial look.  I think I'm going to get a metal lamp kit and stick an interesting looking bulb in them and use them just like that in my studio. I found the frames in the shop next door to Tipsy Tango and I have unfortunately forgotten their name. 

lamp shade frames for the studio

My studio mannequin--I'm still deciding on a name for her--needed a new hand because all her fingers were broken off when I got her.  So I got this one.

revenge of the mannequin

I would show a picture of her with her new part but she doesn't have any clothes yet, poor girl.  Yes, I know, I'm a bad mannequin mother.  You can see she's getting a bit testy about the clothing situation. 

Oh, don't forget I have a giveaway going for the new book Craft Activism. Post a comment on the post previous to this one for a chance to win. Good luck!


Therese's Treasures said...

Cool finds Leslie, I like the idea of not dressing up the lamp shades. Please find some clothes for the poor mannequin.

Martha said...

I love that vanity! I'm looking for a vanity, but I want a vanity/jewelry armoire combo. Still, this one is very pretty.

Leslie Todd said...

Therese, after I get through with the changes in the studio I'll probably put Ms. Mannequin in a vintage suit I have. I think it will fit her. In the mean time I may stick a t-shirt and some aprons on her. I have some vintage ones I've collected that would look nice on her.

Leslie Todd said...

Martha, I don't think I've seen a vanity/jewelry armoire combo, at least not recently. I'll be on the lookout for one. I love how pretty the vanities are but not how few tiny little drawers they have.

My Life Under the Bus said...

OH that vanity ....holy moly it's fantastic! Hopefully the mannequin didn't do you in....reminds me of the old twilight zones lol

Kathy Neal said...

I'm also lusting over that vanity! And those shades left as bare frames is a very cool idea. Reminds me of Restoration Hardwire style.

Leslie Todd said...

I wish they would do some new twilight shows, Patty.

Leslie Todd said...

Kathy, I'm going to look that style up. I guess my favorite style is some where between shabby chic and industrial--doesn't really make sense but there you go.

Sharyl said...

I like the dresses in the first photo. I'm always oooing and ahhhing over vintage clothes and never end up buying them, but they sure do look fun sometimes.

I'm also jealous of your "earring stand" find! I was just out in the rain looking for some such thing tonight! Since I haven't found what I want yet, I may need to expand the type of stores I'm shopping. Thanks for the idea!

Sue said...

I agree, love the vanity. And the earring stand looks great. Maybe you'll post again with it full of earrings sometime; I'd love to see what that looks like. I'm always looking for interesting displays too.