Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tejas Trade Open House

When I first started selling jewelry I shared booths with Dell Kirkman and her daughter Leitha Herring.  They are my husband's aunt and cousin.

Leitha and Del

We both got too big for half a booth, but for several years still did many of the same shows.  Dell and Leitha named their business Tejas Trade. 

This past week I attended the grand opening of Tejas Trade.  The store is located in downtown Texarkana, Texas in a cute little red brick building.

Tejas Trade grande opening

They've stocked it with clothing, some of Leitha's original art, and their jewelry.

Tejas Trade grand opening

The store was so packed with people when I got there that I had to wait until things were almost over to take any pictures.


Leitha's son Patrick manned the bar. This table will be their work table during store hours.

Tejas Trade

Leitha makes these horn cuffs and bangles.  I tried on every one of them but I have a small wrist and they were all a little big. I love them.
horn cuff with turquoise

This is my favorite one.  It has turquoise embedded in the fissures.  

This building was a wreck when they rented it.  They did all the restoration themselves.  They did a fantastic job!

And I did do a little Christmas shopping while I was there.  Shhhhh--don't tell.


Miss Val's Creations said...

The shop looks wonderful! Congratulations to the ladies. I imagine it is a dream come true!!!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Val. The store is a wonderful experience.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, what a dream come true! I think we all dream of opening a shop one day. I wish I lived in the area...What fun! Thanks for dropping by and looking at my dress form, I am actually having a giveaway for a dress form, the post will go up tomorrow, hope you can stop back, if you won you could alter it for the shop to display jewelry!


Lori Anderson said...

That looks like amazing fun!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Seriously what an amazing dream to realize!! That cuff is stunning - I can see why your in love with it!