Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday-More Cuffs and Delicas

The holidays are upon us and it's cut heavily into my blogging.  Oh well.

I have just a few things on my my bead table.  I have some lots of Delica beads that I'm destashing in my Etsy store, Essential Adornment. I have a lot more lots still to list.

Delica bead lots

And I have the beginnings of four copper fold formed cuffs.  They've had the first hammering and are now ready to be annealed again.  The black is from the torch and will come off later when I pickle them.  I like to anneal outside but it's so cold now I guess I'm going to have to do it inside.

fold formed copper cuffs in progress

Ralph and I went to a salvage yard for school stuff yesterday where they had some wooden lab tables that would have been perfect for the studio for the metal work table if they hadn't been outside and just been rained on for the last few days.  I'm going to keep checking back with them, unless Ralph builds me one first.  

I had some disappointing news lately.  Adorn Me 2012 was cancelled because not enough people signed up before the 90 day mark.  It's a great set of workshops and I was really sad to see it canceled.  

Richard Salley, who was scheduled to teach at Adorn Me, put together a three day-two class workshop during the same time period at Spring Beads near Houston so I've signed up for that.  His first session in early March booked in two days and when I talked to Spring Beads a few days ago they were booking a second session for the end of February. There's a description on their website. Richard's a great teacher and I love his classes.

What's on your bead table?  Be sure to check out the other bead tables at: 


Kim Stevens said...

Leslie, I was quite dissapointed too, and think that she cancelled it by mistake. I know that most people signed up last year in the three months right before! : (

My Life Under the Bus said...

I am still laughing at your steel remark - seriously could my hands look worse? lol It is sad I've heard of quite a few of these events getting canceled people just don't have it : ( I am glad you found a replacement you'll have a ball!

Lori Anderson said...

Oh wow, I hadn't heard about Adorn Me being canceled!