Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Tickle Me Tuesday

I've been reading some "Tickle Me Tuesday" posts, especially at My Life Under the Bus and  Yes Teacher! I decided today I would join in. 

First up are these 17 inch highway letters from SalvageNation. I can just see these on the wall or shelf.

And I wouldn't mind a couple of hearts from Menagerie Studio. Valentine jewelry, mmmmmmm.

This one, or maybe this one.

And then there's this gorgeous milagro heart pendant from Lorena Angulo of Pueblofolkart.

I've been lusting after Lorena's beautiful jewelry for some time now and one of these days I'm treating myself.

We had a couple of warm days and I got out and did some walking.  I always turn left from the drive and walk to the end of the road.  I thought I got away without being spotted but when I turned around there was my entourage.

The Entourage
the entourage-Jazz, Scrappy, and Nikko

Apparently I'm not allowed to walk by myself. Jazz was trotting along pretty well.  This is good since she is a hefty kitty and can use the exercise. The boys are more easily distracted.

I turned around and went back.  Jazz and Nikko stayed at the house and Scrappy accompanied me to the bridge. 

Scrappy heeling

He likes to lean on my leg when he walks with me.  Sometimes he even does it without tripping me.

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Lori Anderson said...

Lorena is a MARVEL -- I've been craving her work for a while!

Lorena Angulo said...

Very nice !!
Thanks for adding my Milagro Heart in your post !
I love seeing your little friends walking with you. I remembered when I had a cat named Gypsy and I walked my dog Morgan, Gypsy walked with us all the time.

Leslie Todd said...

I had a cat named Hazel who followed me everywhere in the woods when I was a kid. When she fell behind I would pick her up and she would happily ride on my shoulder. Usually the two dogs were with us.

Therese's Treasures said...

Those are some wonderful picks I love those ceramic hearts. I have always had cats and dogs and they always follow no mater where I went in and out of the house they just have to be near. I had a cat that looked a lot like your Jazz his name was Razz. I don't know what it is about that breed of cat but once they are fixed they gain a lot of weight.

Sarah B. said...

Those letters are awesome!! Thanks for linking up :)

Earl-Leigh said...

The first heart charm is my fave!!

Sharyl said...

Thanks for this delightful post, Leslie! It all just made my day! P.S. Hope things are going well with your other business!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh my they are hilarious - you have your own parade!!!