Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stamping Fun

Saturday I went to the Heirloom Productions Stamp Show in Grapevine, Texas. I got off to a late start and ran into a traffic jam and got there just under two hours before they closed.  

Less than 15 minutes after arriving I was lucky enough to win one of the door prizes!  It was a ten dollar gift certificate to Stamping Up.  I used it toward the price of this complete alphabet stamp set. Here's a sampling of the letters.


I use stamps mostly for etching.  When I get in etching mode I etch everything that doesn't run away from me.  The cats even start looking suspiciously at me. 

Someday I'd like to use stamps for other types of art, but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. 

One of the coolest stamps sets I got was one from SAR (Some Assembly Required).  It's a little kit of stamps that makes a three dimensional heart put together with slots cut in paper. I plan to use metal.   I'll have to experiment a little to see what size slots need to be cut and what gauges of metal work best.  Click the link above to see some samples. 

I also stopped by Lost Coast Designs booth.  They are my favorite stamp makers.  I purchased several stamps from them.  Some of them I hope to use in some art projects, possibly at Art Unraveled.  My favorite is the small Bird Head Woman shown here. I got several of the stamps shown on this page. 

I found these cool eyelets at The Stamp Doctor. Flowers and hearts, oh my! Now I really have to start using eyelets in my jewelry.  These are a large size but I think I can make them work.


The new job is going well and I'm really proud of the good job our son is doing! I'm slowly getting used to getting up before dawn.  And I do seem to be getting a little more done.

Now to get some more etching done....


Therese's Treasures said...

Leslie, It looks like you had a nice time at the stamp show and got a lot of neat toys to play with. Oh and I got the earrings yesterday in the mail and they are beautiful. I am really going to enjoy wearing them, thank you.

Sharyl said...

Before I took up "big time" with the jewelry, I did stamping...another fun, yet expensive hobby/art form! I really love those letters--very classy and versatile! I can imagine the interesting things you'll do with those!

It sounds like you made great use of your short time at the show! Glad you won a prize! --Sharyl

Bee said...

I just found your blog when I looking up "Etching with Nickel Silver"...what a find! Not only have I enjoyed your blog, you also lead me to Lost Coast Designs which is just south of where I live in Vancouver, Canada. I can't wait to place my first order. I subscribed to your blog and will look forward to your updates. :-)