Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bally Beads New Retail Jewelry Store

I love Bally Beads and spend a lot of time there selecting the gemstones, pearls, and other components that I'll use to make my jewelry. Everyone on staff is knowledgeable and friendly.
They've always been a wholesaler. Recently they have opened a high-end retail jewelry store. A few components are also sold in the retail section, such as these Russian pendants shown here. I've seen Russian pendants before, but these are of much higher quality than usual. The pendants feature hand painted reproductions of masterpieces of art work, including Picasso, Klimt, Mucha, DaVinci, and many, many others. The art work on the pendants is outstanding. Best of all, there is a discount for jewelry designers. They've been flying off the shelf.

They are featuring jewelry lines from designers like Rocki Gorman, Nina Nguyen, and their very own Nona Hudspeth. They have Australian Boulder Opal set in 14kt & 18 kt Gold, sterling pendants, and beads in Larimar gemstone.

Bally Beads is located in Rockwall, Texas, right in the Dallas area. Check it out. Plus, for all you jewelry designers, there is the wholesale portion of the store. They have lots of great beads plus a good selection of unusual and collectible African Trade Beads and fine gemstones. You can visit in store, on the web, or mail order.

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