Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scrappy Love or What I Want to Do With a Baseball Bat

Scrappy before surgery.

I actually wrote this on the 7th of July, but I was too angry to post it then. I'm still angry, but not as much so I'm posting it pretty much as I wrote it on the 7th. I'll post some better news about Scrappy later.

On Sunday, July 1st I found a small, emaciated black kitten on the shoulder of the interstate, miles from anywhere. He was trotting down the shoulder as if he knew where he was going. Although he was glad to see me, he wanted to keep running down the road. It was like he had been doing it so long he didn’t know how to stop. In retrospect, I think he was running from the pain.

He was painfully thin and very dehydrated. His bones stuck out everywhere and he felt like a skeleton in a sack. He had clearly been on the road for at least a week. There were abrasions on his legs and body and he had a distended stomach and foul odor from worms and diarrhea. And there was something wrong with his mouth. It looked like a sticker, stick, bone or something stuck in it.

My husband held the kitten in his lap and we gave it water in a bottle cap. I’ll never forget the way the kitten fell on that water. I was shocked but pleased to see that he could drink well, despite the injury to the mouth. I called my vet. She was out for the day but said she would call the office about the kitten.

The relief vet did not have good news. The thing stuck in Scrappy’s mouth was the end of his broken jawbone sticking out, and he had a hernia on the side of his abdomen, infections, plus the minor abrasions. She was not hopeful and suggested I should consider putting him to sleep. I couldn’t do that. The kitten just seemed to have so much will to live. I figured he had to be tough, or he wouldn’t have survived so long on the interstate. I knew the regular vet, Dr. Rife, is good at fixing cat's jaws. I decided to get a second opinion and Scrappy was started on antibiotics.

Scrappy had surgery on the 5th and on the 7th I took him home. He’s virus negative. Dr. Rife wired his little jawbone together. He’s still pretty pitiful looking but I’m sure he’ll be a handsome fellow one-day. He’s on antibiotics and has had the first dose of worm medicine. The hernia was fixed also. We have him in a large cage right now, to keep him from hurting himself and to keep our other cats from swatting him. He’s very social and purrs a lot. I’m hoping that when he’s healthy we’ll be able to find a good home for him. We already have five cats so we’re not really looking for another.

Now here’s the baseball bat part: Scrappy’s injuries are consistent with being thrown from a car. The relief vet told me that he was the fourth kitten she’s seen in two weeks that had apparently been thrown from a car. One kitten, brought to office about a week before Scrappy, was found on the same interstate, some miles from where I found Scrappy. The vet’s office believes this kitten and Scrappy are littermates. Fortunately the first kitten was not seriously injured and was found much sooner.

I had already suspected that Scrappy had been thrown from a car. When the vet told me the jaw was broken I spent the day in pretty much of a blind rage. I called the state police and three county sheriff’s offices to see if anyone had reported someone flinging kittens out of a car. No one had. Toward the end of the day I couldn’t stand it anymore and started reminding myself that one of the vet’s technicians had said "maybe the kitten crawled up in the car and fell out on the road". That’s possible. I don’t think all four of them did though.

My favorite fantasy daydream (during that week) has centered around spending a little while with the person(s) who did this and breaking their jaws and assorted other parts with a baseball bat, just enough that they can relate to Scrappy’s injuries. Not that it would do any good, or that I'd ever do it, but I still think about it.

So…. don’t forget to spay and neuter. And as for the person(s) who did this—what goes around comes around. I believe when you do bad things, bad comes back to you. And I’m hoping that for you, it comes soon.


~B.Z. said...

You are Soooooooo kind to fix up this little furball and give him a loving home.

I am just now, in recent weeks, trying to tame a stray so I can get ?her spayed, and hope to domesticate her in time.

I found you randomly on Flicker while browsing kitty's because I miss "mine" when she's off prawling around town ;>)

Leslie said...

Thanks, BZ. Hope you can get your kitty fixed. I just minutes ago posted some new pictures of Scrappy so you can see how he is doing now. He pesters the older cats every chance he gets.

dentedhalo said...

I randomly found your blog just surfing around. I'm a beader and a cat lover. I cried reading about Scrappy, how lucky he is to have you as an angel! All my kitties are former strays, now neutered, and very spoiled. I have 3, and they're just my babies! I'm so glad you found him!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, he's been a joy. He was one year old about the 1st of May.

My Life Under the Bus said...

God Bless Leslie I would hokld them down while you use the baseball bat - horrendous behavior!- Someone should throw them out of a car.