Friday, August 3, 2007

What a Difference a Month Makes

Scrappy one month after I found him.

Scrappy still has the "big ears" look but he has more than doubled his weight and is healing up very well. In the last ten days he has learned how to play. I tried several times to get him to play with things but he didn't seem to understand. I guess he didn't feel well enough. Then one night I put him in his foam cat cube, which he loves, and he exploded into a frenzy of play with the ball hanging from the top of it.

Here he is playing with my shoe and his mouse. There is a ball in the shoe.

He loves to get up under my chin. This one shows off the scars from the hernia repair. Notice the hair growing back WHITE! His skin color is dark. He has a coarse white undercoat and a longer fine black coat. The white part shows up better where he was shaved.

When I first let him help me blog he tried to "catch" my fingers on the keyboard. Then he discovered the cursor on the screen. That's old hat now and he mostly just cuddles.

He gets along well with two of the indoor cats, but not the other male cat. Ironically they are almost identical in appearance, only one is lots larger. Nikko, our older male cat, is terrified of Scrappy.

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