Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School & Work

School started on the 25th and on the 27th I was back to subbing. Right now I'm doing an 8th grade American History class for a teacher who resigned. I'm hoping the district finds someone by the 8th of September, because on the 8th I have to go out of town and help my parents while Dad recovers from some minor surgery he is having on the 9th.

I imagine it is going to be hard to find someone this time of year, especially since they are limited to a male teacher because the teacher must also coach boys. Right now the other coaches are doing the athletics class so I don't have to do that. That makes it easier because I have extra time to grade their papers, make copies, and all that other stuff. The kids in the classes are pretty good kids and the permanent teacher will be able to enjoy teaching them I think. If I stay there very long I'll miss them after the new teacher comes.

My son started tenth grade this year. He has chemistry for his science class, which I'm a little worried about. Luckily my husband knows chemistry so at least one of us will be able to help him. I'm going to have to work with him on his Spanish II. I'm not great with Spanish, but at least I've had some. If there was a skateboarding class we wouldn't have to worry, but alas...


Janine said...

My son is taking astronomy. Thankfully my husband loves that subject! Hope you have a great school year.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks Janine! I wish our school taught astronomy! And geology, for that matter.