Monday, September 1, 2008

Tutorial Monday-Wire Frame Bracelet

I stumbled across this Wire Frame Bracelet tutorial from Belinda Spiwak the other day. The bracelet is somewhat freeform and allows for lots of individualization. While there are good close up pictures of the finished bracelet this tutorial doesn't have step by step pictures. It does have good text instructions. If you have a little experience with wire I think you could have a lot of fun creating your own version of the frame bracelet. The design lends itself well to mixed media type art, found objects, and eclectic mixtures of metals, beads and charms.

For more inspiring wire bracelets, check out the pictures of Susan Lenart Kazmer's beautiful and arresting bracelets.

Belinda includes a tutorial on booklace pendants at this same URL. Check it out!


Mei (WireBliss) said...

Hi Leslie! Lovely "frame" work. Might just try it out one day.
Know what? I managed to find the steel wool last night, so happppy! Bought the whole packet and I think it will last me for a while :) -

Thank you for offering to send me the other day.

Leslie Todd said...

That's great Mei! The steel wool can fall to pieces if it rusts at all or even if it is humid so store it carefully.

ziggy stardust said...

I think this is great!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks Ziggy! I'm going some new things and I think I'm going to frame some of them in a similar style bracelet.