Monday, April 13, 2009

King Tut, Part Two

The King Tut was very crowded. Very, very crowded. And they didn't let anyone photograph, even without flash, so I don't have any pictures from the actual exhibit.

The exhibit included many items from King Tut's tomb, some of which were very impressive. I think I was most impressed with the jewelry, and with the blue and gold coffinette. Click the link to see a picture of it. The coffinette was small, maybe 15 inches, and very ornate with fine workmanship. The Dallas Museum of Art has quite a few pictures and other info on their site here.

Here's a few photos I took before we went in.



Here's a beautiful example of Chihuly Glass (Dale Chihuly) in one of the restaurants.

chihuly glass at the museum

I didn't see any sign or other info on this interactive art installation.

interactive art

This is a tunnel of glorious color leading to a room where there is no color, only shades of white and gray. Going in was kind of the reverse of being born.

I did take quite a few pictures in the Ancient Americas Art exhibit of various jewelry and metal work. Stay tuned for part three...

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