Sunday, June 7, 2009

Also at the Dallas Museum of Art (King Tut, Part 3)

I'm back! Life got a little busy and I took a break.

A while back we went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. While there, we also took in the Ancient America's exhibit. It was very enjoyable, and they let me take photos. Most of the photos were taken through the glass of the exhibit cases, so there's an odd reflection here and there. Click on the photos to go to my Flickr account where you can see larger, more detailed photos.

I was really impressed with some of the jewelry.


This set impressed me the most, in part for the excellent metal work, but also for the sheer size of some of the pieces. From top to bottom they are: headpiece, earspools, nose piece, large concave ear pendants, and a pectoral. The ear spools were probably about 2.75 inches in diameter and the large ear pendants must be five or so inches. I thought they were some sort of breast plate. They're the same size as the old fashioned breast plates I wore when I started fencing back in the 80's.

This set is all gold. The gold sheet appeared to be fairly thin, maybe about 24 gauge in places. Still, it's very difficult to imagine someone wearing those ear pendants.

There were some silver pieces, such as this one:


This is an outstanding piece:


Notice the mask face is "wearing" a smaller set of earspools.

Frogs seemed to be very popular, and there were several examples, ranging in size from some exquisite pieces about 3/8 of an inch to a couple of inches.


These are typical. The spiral at the frogs mouths represent bubbles.


There were also some figural jewelry pieces like this one:


This was Ralph's favorite piece:


This statue is about three feet high.



And lastly, here's a shot of me in the sculpture garden/courtyard.


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Ruralrose said...

Thank you so much for documenting your travels and sharing them here. Wonderful things and places I can visit vicariously. Peace for all