Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bails and Ribbon-Bead Table Wednesday

I did just a little work today on some wire bails. They are still black from the torch. 

various bails in progress

For reference the top one is about an inch and a half and the bottom ones are about 2.75 inches. The top one was six inches of wire, the next two used 8 inches, followed by one using 10 inches. The bottom three were done with 12 inches of wire.  They can be adjusted somewhat by squeezing or pulling the coils so they are closer or farther apart. These need to be pickled, tumbled and patinaed. They are all 16 gauge copper, except for the second from the top which is 14 gauge brass.  I used a standard pencil for a mandrel.  Some of these may go on the pendants I was working on recently. 

Today some sari ribbon yarn arrived from YarnAndFiber on Etsy.  

vintage lace sari ribbon

This color is called Vintage Lace and I'm excited about it because it will look awesome with some of the pendants I got from Martha of Menagerie Studio

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Alice said...

Leslie, I love those bails! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, those are awesome! Will you be selling any of them??? Love em.

PS: I do not know how to "unsubscribe" from your blog at and change it to

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Marcy. I have been thinking about selling some findings.

I'll take care of the subscription change.