Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jewelry Workshop with Richard Salley

I'm currently taking a three-day jewelry workshop with Richard Salley in Spring, TX. I'm really having a good time and enjoying learning some new things, as well as having fun just working on jewelry all day.

Today was the first day and the class is entitled "Lasting Impressions." Here's what I did today:

works in progress

The two etched copper squares at the top are etchings I did in class to make the stamps.  I still have to rivet the handle onto the back of the head.  

The things I had the most trouble with was setting the stones in the bezel.  I'm having some difficulty getting the bezel cup to bend over the way it is supposed to.  On the plus side, I did solder those bezel cups on well because I've been using a lot of force on them and they are stuck on well. I'll go back to the bezels later. The earrings are the same length.  I don't know why one looks shorter in the photo.

The nautilus shell will probably be riveted to the swirly etched brass and will have a larger cabochon on it.  

We used PNP to transfer the designs for etching and I like it a lot.  

Here's Richard demonstrating soldering the bezel. 

soldering demo by Richard Salley

Day Two and Three will be "Behind Closed Doors--the Locket-Cuff.  We will also make some tools. 

The workshop is at Spring Beads in the Old Town part of Spring, Texas.  The neighborhood is full of quaint shops, studios, and galleries.  Plus Spring Beads is full of beads, and supplies for metalworking, enameling, etc. It's the perfect place for a jewelry workshop. 

 Here are some pictures I took while I walked down the street.

Old Town, Spring TX

The sidewalks are brick or stone.

Old Town, Spring TX

The shopping possibilities are intriguing.

Old Town, Spring TX

This building caught my attention:

Old Town, Spring TX

Here's a close-up.  Apparently you drink wine while doing art. 

The Drunk Artist sign

Sounds like fun!


Jenni said...

Lucky girl...everything you have made looks wonderful to me. I really want o learn how to etch and make small bezel cups like you have done. Love the fact love it all. Hope you are going to show more!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so jealous! How fun and what a darling town. You guys are so lucky in Texas, they have so many crafting retreats and supplies and vintage shows.

I go to Art Retreat at The Prairie end of April in Round Top - is that near you? Only two teachers = Diane Cook and Derwyn Mentock, just a 4-day weekend class. Can hardly wait. I was so disappointed that Adorn Me in Houston was cancelled, that was a great one.