Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Happy Today

I'm really happy today. My cat Pawlie Newman (named after Paul Newman because of his intensely blue eyes) has been found.

Some of you probably know I am a cat person. Cats just seem to find me, except for Scrappy, who I actually picked up from the median of Interstate 30. You can read his story here, but be warned it is a difficult story for cat lovers, although it has a happy ending.

A few months ago Pawlie found me. He appeared to be a stray, although he is full blooded Siamese. At first I only saw him once in a while, then more frequently. I noted that one ear was folded down for some reason. I gradually tamed him enough that I could handle him and had him neutered and got his shots. The vet took care of his intestinal parasites and ear mites as well. The folded ear is due to scar tissue from an earlier injury that did not receive care. That ear is almost completely closed off with scar tissue and I doubt he hears well with it. He was very affectionate with me and loving.

Then he disappeared. He was gone a month. I feared that coyotes had caught him. One neighbor saw him up the road a ways and I immediately went there but couldn't find him. I was perplexed because he always runs up to me when I call.

Yesterday I handed out flyers with pictures of Pawlie and Callie. (Yes, my sweet mostly feral Callie was last seen Thursday). I located a neighbor who had seen Pawlie multiple times recently, but he stated Pawlie ran off when they called him. As I walked from their front door Pawlie came around the corner of the house. I called his name and he began meowing at me. When I called again he ran up. Now he's back at home and sticks to me like glue. He's obviously very happy to be here. He can't get enough petting. I guess he just went up the road and couldn't figure out how to get back. There's a pond and creek with a little bridge to cross.

Buddy cat is not happy about this. He glares at Pawlie like he is spawn of the devil.
I would like to find Pawlie a home where he can go in the house. We have indoor cats who are very fearful and can't have any more house cats. He tried to follow me into the house last night. He is a real lover boy and deserves a home where he can get lots of attention, without the competition of other jealous male cats. It would be hard to part with him but I would like to find him a place where he can get the attention he needs.

I'm going into the woods today and search for Callie. Plus, I'm going to hand out more flyers. She is so incredibly frightened of everything that I doubt anyone will see her. My next door neighbors sit out in the yard a lot and they have only seen her once or twice. She's really good at hiding.

Pawlie is in good shape. He hasn't lost weight. Many people here own cats and he has obviously been helping himself to their food.
Now if I can just find Callie it would be a perfect day.

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