Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Perfect Day

My husband woke me up this morning with the happy news that Callie was back. One week to the day she shows back up. She's a little skinnier but seems in good health. I guess she just took a vacation.

I'm really happy to have all my cats back home.


juNKstyLEdiVA said...

Oh, so glad to hear your cats are safe and back home. I have 4 indoor cats and I would absolutely die if one was lost! They are all male and each arrived at different times, all 1st they fought but now they get along...did I mention I also have 3dogs? take care...Inge

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks. We have four indoor cats and four outdoor cats. I would let them all in but even though the boys are all fixed a couple of them feel the need to mark territory. For that matter one of the girls does too. Oh well. All my kitties were rescues or were strayed or dumped here.
I am sooooo glad Pawlie and Callie are back.