Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sherri Haab's Jewelry Upcycled! Review and Giveaway

Sherri Haab, and her daughter, Michelle Haab, are the authors of Jewelry Upcycled!. I own several of Sherri Haab's books and was pleased to receive a review copy of this new book from Potter House (Crown Publishing, Random House.)  

There are 20 projects plus many variations covering a wide range of skill levels and media. Most projects can be done by beginners with few tools, while some are for more experienced jewelers or require specialized equipment. All of the projects incorporate new and creative use of items that might otherwise go in the trash bin.

My favorite "beginner" project is the T-shirt rose brooch.  The only tools required are scissors and a hot glue gun.   These are fun and a good way to recycle that favorite old t-shirt.

In addition to projects designed by Sherri and Michelle Haab, contributing artists include Rachel Haab, Bill Hess, Steven James, Shannon Porter, Jane Salley and Richard Salley. Gallery contributors include many other well known instructors and jewelry artists.

The book has six main chapters plus a resource list and index.  The first chapter covers basic jewelry instruction and tools. The following chapters are organized by the type of media and start with specifics of working with that media, followed by the projects, and concluding with an inspirational photo gallery. I really enjoyed having the gallery pictures in each chapter throughout the book rather than at the end of the book. The projects are profusely illustrated with close up photos of each step plus large full page photos of the finished pieces.

The five project chapters are:

  • metal and wire
  • plastics
  • glass and ceramics
  • fabric and leather
  • found objects
Metal projects include pendants from tin, a silver spoon, and telephone wire.  Plastic projects employ fused bubble wrap, cassette tapes and colorful components cut from shampoo bottles, gift cards and credit cards.  Glass and ceramic projects are made from china plates, and old bottles.  The fabric and leather projects include t-shirts, felted sweaters, old belts or purses, and jeans labels. The found objects chapter utilizes old toys, old electronics, memorabilia, and vintage snaps.

The glass and ceramic projects use  grinders, tumblers, or a kiln, depending on which project you choose. Projects in other chapters need only basic tools that most jewelry artists would already have. One plastics project does require the use of a fume respirator.

Some of the techniques used in the book are cutting and sawing, riveting, use of resin and resin clay, crocheting, molding fused glass, basic wire working and kumihimo weaving.

There's a world of ideas in this book. If you have an interest in using found objects or recycled goods there are good projects here to make and lots of ideas to explore with your own designs.

If you'd like to WIN this great book leave a comment below.  Share this post on your Facebook page for another chance to win (leave a second comment telling me you did this.)  I'll select a lucky winner sometime on April 28th.  Be sure there's a link I can follow to your email address or some way for me to contact you in your comment.


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Oooooh, that sounds like a great book and I would totally respect your opinion as such. I would LOVE to win it!!!! Thanks.
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