Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunday at the Swap Meet

My husband and I made a spur of the moment stop at the Greenville Swap Meet.  The Swap Meet started around a local antique car show, so most of the things for sale there are old auto parts.

There were many, many fantastic restored autos and we enjoyed looking at them.  There were several I wouldn't mind having, only with air conditioning and seat belts!

This orange Bel Air beauty caught my eye:

Bel Air

The weathered patina of age and paint on some of the vehicles that weren't fully restored, like this one, was very attractive and interesting.  Can you tell I'm into metal work, or what?  It made me wonder how many of the car owners are more interested in the restoration process itself versus owning a restored vehicle. Do they lose interest in a particular car after it is restored and move on to the next project?  I think it's the restoration process that most enjoy. There's a certain magic that takes place when you take a piece of aged metal and make it look new again, or use it in a new way that gives it new life. It's also very satisfying to have something you restored with your own hands.

old Chevy

That's my husband, Ralph, leaning in to look at the interior of this Chevy.

1946 Ford panel truck

My favorite was this 1946 Ford panel truck. Look at the layers of paint (and rust) on it! I always wanted one of these when I was younger and had several business ideas that involved a truck like this.  Those ideas never got out of the realm of dreams and wishes, but I still love these old trucks.

1946 Ford panel truck

There wasn't much in the way of antiques not related to autos, but I did find these items:

swap meet finds

The car part is plastic.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it but it has a fleur de lis and cost a quarter.  I'm sure I'll find a use for it.


Jill at Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

Based on the car collectors I've known, you're right, it's the process of restoring that's the thrill - not the finished piece. Me, I'll take a fully restored '56 black and white Bel Air anyday :)

Your panel truck kinda reminds me of the creepy killer's van from the movie Jeepers Creepers though.

Leslie Todd said...

There were so many beautiful cars there. I don't do horror movies so I missed that. Just as well. I'd rather think kindly of the old panel truck, LOL. I wouldn't mind an old step side Ford pickup either. There was a beautiful one that was painted garnet red at the show. Maybe someday.