Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Four at Adorn Me Part B: Vendor Night!

Friday evening was vendor night at Adorn Me. In other words: awesome shopping opportunity! The line at the door started early.  Bren and I were among the first in line.  As soon as the doors opened we went straight to Richard Salley's booth.  It was kind of funny because the people in front of us went straight to Richard's booth too. We were women on a mission. We were all after one of Richard's dimpling tools.   I'm not sure what he calls them but I used one to make the dots around the heart in my mixed metal Milagro pendant (previous post).   Bren and I got the last two of the tools he had.

Many of the instructors were selling their own jewelry or various other products.  There were also other vendors.  I purchased several rubber stamps from one of my favorite stamp companies:  Lost Coast Designs.  Most of them I'll use in etching.

I also got these cool bits and pieces from Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities. My favorite is the bug pin in the middle. She's missing a leg but she's still got it going on. I love the long cut steel beads on her wings.

goodies from Nothing Ordinary

These cool beads were made by Carmen Anderson of Carmen Anderson Designs.  They are polymer clay. The bottom ones will probably be earrings but the birds will go into necklaces.

beads from Carmen Anderson Designs

Bren and I both got some enameling supplies at Spring Beads. I got some "clear for silver" that will let me enamel on brass.  I need to order some colors now and get to enameling.

There were 22 door prizes given out during the vendor event and Bren and I both won! Bren won a copy of Susan Lenart Kazmer's Cold Connections and I won this lovely chain mail bracelet.  The bracelet was made by Dale of Dale's Jewelry.

chainmail by Dale

Bren was pretty lucky earlier in the week--she won a daily drawing and got to take home a cool tote with plastic storage boxes.

We also enjoyed meeting Stephanie Lee and TheMan (her husband) in person.  Bren and I both feel like we already know her after taking her great online metalsmithing classes. Bren had a class with Stephanie later on Saturday.


diane cook said...

I love Nothing Ordinary...I go there often, and both Nancy & Agnes are in our new art group in Katy! Fabulous finds btw....

Leslie Todd said...

I wish I were closer--it's quite a drive for me. Your art group sounds interesting.