Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Six at Adorn Me: Carnivale Time Party!

Sunday evening was the Carnivale Time dinner, desert and entertainment.  Attendees were also invited to compete for a 1st prize Visa gift card with an item  made in one of the classes. 

After dinner and desert the instructors (Lorena Angulo, Thomas Mann, Stephanie Lee, Keith Lo Bue, Kim St. Jean, and Melanie Schow) got together and looked over all the entries. Then Thomas Mann announced that for the first time the instructors had decided that instead of one first place there would be a 1st and 2nd runner up. 

2nd runner up was Carol Graves with her beautiful necklace done in Kim St. Jean's Memorabilia Necklace class.  Unfortunately my pictures are pretty poor, but the necklace was made of mica sheets encasing seeds, a seed pod, lichen, fibers and other things. I really liked her selection of unusual items, especially the pod and lichen, and the way the seeds were sandwiched in the mica.  I loved the way the items fell around Carol's neck when she was wearing it.  All the items perfectly balanced and complemented each other in shape and color.  Congratulations, Carol!

Next up was the 1st runner up:  ME! Here's my finished necklace from Keith Lo Bue's Precious Little class. I named it Urban Tribe.

"Urban Tribe"

The first place winner was Lynn Bacon-Trzcinski with her Found Object Ring done in Keith Lo Bue's Precious Little class.

I was happy to see Lynn win.  I think her piece was technically the most difficult piece in the competition because of the things she had to work with. Unlike most of the students at Adorn Me Lynn does not have a jewelry background.  She is a woodcarver.  She showed us some pictures of some of her work which is very detailed. She came to Adorn Me to broaden her artistic horizons.

Lynn had to make her ring from 3 things: the sunflower stalk she found outside, the drawer handles that were discarded by another student, and a bracelet she had brought from home made of small beads strung on elastic. She was a little stymied at first in class when Keith wouldn't let her use glue or wire to hold it together.  Instead, she pegged it with bits of wood! The sunflower stalk was very difficult to work with because the center wouldn't hold things stuck into it. Lynn persevered though.  She took the drawer pulls apart and nested them.  Bits of the hardware from the pulls were utilized elsewhere in the ring.  The bracelet was strung around to make the band, and parts of it were worked through the stalk and up into the knobs to hold them on. Bits of stalk or wood were feathered and run through the top of the knobs for an organic flower look.  The ring has an overall organic look: the knobs remind me of some fantastical flower or lichen.  

Here are a couple of views.

Congratulations, Lynn!

The evening ended with a magical performance by Jamie Salinas. His magic act was superb.  And he was very funny.  If you ever get a chance to see him in action you are in for a great time.
As you can probably tell I had a great time at Adorn Me and hope to attend next year. 

My next post will be a review of a new book, Kumihimo Wire Jewelry by Giovanna Imperia.


QueenMarcy said...

Great article, Leslie. And congrats again on your winning - I did not see your piece before, that is just too awesome! You are on talented lady, that's for sure.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Marcy. I had so much fun at Adorn Me!