Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Three at Adorn Me Part B: Band Groupie

Thursday evening was Band Groupie with Melissa Manley.  Bren and I were both in this class.  Melissa is a great teacher and is so much fun in class. She really sets everyone to ease and explains things well.

 Melissa had a handy chart to help us determine how long to cut the ring stock for a particular size.  Of course, despite measuring twice and cutting once, I still cut mine one millimeter too short.  This represents 1/4 size if I read the chart correctly.  Next time I'll cut to the side of the line instead of right on top of it.

We textured our rings, bent them into a "D" shape, and then pick soldered them.  I had never pick soldered so I was pleased to get some experience with this.  The rings were then shaped, bevels filed and some polishing and antiquing was done.  I was able to wear my ring, just not on the finger I had intended! My seam was looking pretty good--not showing at all--until I antiqued the ring.  I think a little more polish work will take care of that.

Bren's ring

This is Bren's beautiful ring. Below is mine:

my ring

I used my hammer to gently texture the edge of my band. Now that I'm home I'll do some more polishing and put it in the tumbler for a while.

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