Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Two at Adorn Me Part A: Repousse without Pitch

Wednesday was Repousse Without Pitch, taught by Richard Salley.  I found that I really liked doing this. The tools that I made on Tuesday worked well, although I see that I need to make a few more. I did a bird in flight for my pendant.

work in progress-frontside

Instead of pitch we used a non-hardening clay.  Above is the pendant piece taped to my bench block for some more work on the outlining. The black is from annealing the metal with a torch.

work in progress-backside

Basically the design is outlined on the front, then turned over and placed on the clay where punches and other tools are used to move the metal into a relief. The backside is shown above.

work in progress-after patina

Here I've finished the repousse and have patinaed the piece.  I didn't have time to complete the pendant.  In the corners you can see where I messed up the first stamp I tried and stamped over it.  Probably I will cut all that off.  It's a little big as is anyway. I did use one commercially made stamp to do the stippling in the background, and a small liner that Bren made. All the rest of the work was done using the tools I made in the tool making class.


Here I am doing some lining.

Repousse class

Bren is doing some lining. Bren did two pieces and colored them with the torch.  She got some amazing color on them.  I wish I had a picture of her work.


Greer said...

Would love to do a course such as this. But alas nothing even remotely like it anywhere. So will go back to what I usually do, flounder along on my own with trial and error

Leslie Todd said...

I think Victoria Lansford might have a DVD course. She also has her own type of repousse tools. They are more expensive but they do look like greater detail would be easier to accomplish. I have not taken her course but have heard good things about it. Go here: http://www.victorialansford.com/courseoverview.html
Victoria has a lot of experience with video so I'm sure the quality is good. There may be someone else doing it as well.

Greer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the info. Enameling is the best instant gratification (or train wreck) I know!

Leslie Todd said...

You're welcome! I enjoyed your blog.