Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dallas CityArts 2008

I'm trying to be a little more creative with my wire work. Here are a couple of pieces I did for

Dallas CityArts. I'm not entirely satisfied with the bale, below. I'll keep working on it.

I love the greens in this magnesite set.

It was really, really hot at CityArts. The sponsors provided the artists with popsicles and frozen treats which really helped. The event was held in the beautiful downtown Dallas Arts District. This is another place I really want to go with my camera some day. There's some great architecture there.

I enjoyed this show despite the heat. I had some really good neighbors on either side of my booth. Dan and Lori Dudley of Dirt on Your Skirt Studio had some really creative ceramic art. I especially liked the Day of the Dead series by Dan and the Goddess and Leaf series by Lori.

On the other side were the Kistners of Kris Kistner Photography. He has many great photos. I found the door photo with two doors very arresting.

My cousin Debbie, and her husband, Tony Holman of Holman Pottery, were also showing at CityArts. My favorite is their Fossilware line.
I did get to take some pictures of the art cars. I didn't want to leave my booth for long so I had to be very quick about it. Here are a few shots. Check out the rest of the art car photos on my flickr photostream.

Taxi art car.

Women That Rock art van.

Epicenter art van.

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