Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Blogs on Metal Chik

Last year I was briefly employed as a blogger for Metal Chik. I was in very good company as Tammy Powley and Victoria Tillotson were also blogging for Metal Chik. (Victoria was doing the videos as well.) Metal Chik has stopped production but the blogs are still out there in the blogospere, as is the Metal Chik site. There's lot of good info on the site, check it out. The videos are great.

Here are direct links to my blogs, in no particular order.

Tammy has a new book that is coming out very soon and is already on virtual book shelves in several locations, including Amazon.


Tammy Powley said...

Thanks for the shout, Leslie. It's good to see you got some of your own blog space even though Metal Chik went a-wall. My metal clay book is actually out now, and so far I'm hearing good things from people. Amazon has it as does Barnes &, and

Leslie Todd said...

That's great! I'll be checking it out.

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