Sunday, June 29, 2008

The "Mongrel" Horde

Well, not really. They sounded like a pack of dogs, though.

We've started feeding the outdoor cats before dark so they get to eat before the raccoons come out. This works pretty well, except for one raccoon who sometimes shows up before dark to eat with the cats. Drat. One of the cats was late coming up for dinner tonight, so right after dark I stepped out to put out more dry food for her. As soon as I stepped back in the house and shut the door I heard a commotion. Momma Raccoon and six babies had swarmed onto the porch and were growling and snarling over the food. Pushing and shoving occurred as well. Raccoons obviously have no table manners. Most of the time they didn't even look up when I shot pictures, but I did get some of their faces.
The night really does have eyes. Mom is in the upper left and all six babies are shown. One is mostly hidden on the right.
Say cheese!
This is the runt and the shyest of the babies. Mom is on the right. She is very thin. At some angles I could see her ribs. Nursing all these babies is taking a toll.
Mom was a little scary. I was holding the camera at arms reach and she kept darting up to it. I think she thought it was food.


Karin said...

LOL....I found you through Posh Mamas....I had to comment because we used to have the samething at our old house! Feed a couple stray cats....the next thing you know every racoon, skunk and oppossum comes a knockn' There was a family of three that used to just sit at our front door and wait for us.....and they are huge. You don't realize it until you get close...karin@creativechaos

Leslie Todd said...

The mom raccoon started running right up to me. She ran up when I was calling the cats. I was afraid she would jump on me. They know I'm the one that feeds the cats. I had my husband come out and chase them around the yard a couple of times. I haven't seen them since.

We do have possums and at certain times of the year we have turtles that eat the cat food.