Friday, June 20, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

I've been out of town for the better part of two weeks. In addition to doing Dallas CityArts 2008 in Dallas last weekend, I was out of town before and after helping out my parents. Dad had some minor surgeries so Stefan and I went to help out. It was great getting to spend the time with my parents, and Dad did very well with the surgeries.

While I was gone my husband upgraded my computer with a big humongous hard drive. (He is a handy guy to have around.) I've been waiting for the new drive to install the software for my new Canon Rebel Xti. I got the camera in April and have already filled up one 2GB CF card and half of a second one. That's about 800 photos. I can't believe I've taken that many photos. I really like this camera though. The only draw back is that I can't use the display screen to frame shots.

While I was out of town I didn't have access to a computer and I think I went into withdrawal pains when I couldn't blog, or read my favorite blogs. I've been thinking about how to organize what I'm doing, or trying to do, on the blog. So look for some changes in the future. One thing I'm going to do is post some photography once a week. These will be pictures that I took just because I like taking pictures.

The other thing I've been doing is gardening. I planted a couple of raised beds with various types of tomatoes, and a couple of hot banana plants. Something ate the leaves off one banana plant the day after I planted it, but everything else is doing great. Our 3/4 acre is heavily wooded so we don't have much sun. I put four raised beds out by the road where there is enough sun. One has my bee-hummingbird-butterfly garden in it and two others have the "crops." I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the fourth. Yesterday I picked my second pepper and the first tomatoes. I'm pretty happy with the tomatoes.

One of the raised beds.

My first ripe tomatoes of the season!

A really, really big tomato.


Mei said...

Planting my own vegetables is in my lists of "to do" things. However, it never kicks off. Always distracted by all the wires :)
I will need to look into it seriously with the increase price of everything around us due to the fuel price hike recently :(

Leslie Todd said...

The home grown tomatoes are always better in flavor than store bought. Here, we haven't been able to buy tomatoes lately because of a salmonella contamination problem. Try growing tomatoes and peppers in big pots. It's not so much work and they will grow well in containers. Put finished compost in the pots for good tomatoes.