Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kiva- Helping One Micro-Loan at a Time

I've been a lender on Kiva for a about nine months now and have just made my 4th loan. One loan has been paid back, by a seamstress from Mexico. Two other loans are in the process of being paid back, by a beautician in Pakistan, and the other a retailer in Peru. The loan I just made is to the lady below. I've quoted from Kiva's site.

"Mrs Nguyễn Thị Kiên is 49 years old. She is a participating member of TYM since 2003. She has had 5 rounds of loans already. She uses all her loans to buy sedge to weave mats. Her family living condition has considerably improved: she has been able to buy the goods for her household including a TV set. Since this type of business brings her cash flow, it makes it easy for her to make the weekly payment. Her income is around 250 USD a month. She also produces sedge herself on her own field. This is why she has to renew the soil once in a while. This time she is requesting 500 USD to buy sedge and fertilizer for her field. "

I really enjoy lending the money. At first I thought of it as a donation, then the first loan was paid off, and I realized it was a loan. So far I have put the repayment back into another loan. I think micro-lending is such a great idea. It gives people a way to help themselves and seems to be wildly successful. If you want to check out the Kiva site, click on the Kiva banner below.

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