Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday--Show Prep

I was invited to a show at the grand opening of the Whiskey River Harley Davidson in Texarkana this Saturday.  My usual venue is arts and crafts shows so I've tried to make some unisex jewelry for this one.  My husband's cousin and aunt were also invited to vend their jewelry.  We're combining a family visit with a show so it should be fun.  (They even "bribed" my husband with Aunt Ethel's famous family cake.) 

I'm relieved that it's only supposed to be 93 degrees on Saturday. I was worried it would be 103. After the weather we've been having, 93 is quite comfortable.

fold formed copper cuffs and pod

Here are some finished cuffs that I learned to do with Kim St. Jean's Metal Fold Forming DVD.  They're awaiting a final finish coat to protect the antiquing.  The pod will have some beads put in it. 

wire wrapped necklace

This is a necklace I just finished using a house charm from Martha Eason of Menagerie Studio on Etsy.  She does some terrific polymer clay charms and I have several pieces I'm going to be using. I used Czech glass, a couple of vintage fake pearls, apatite roundels and antiqued brass wire.

in progress

Here are two of the etched pieces I wrote about in an earlier post.  The top one is from text written by Leonardo da Vinci.  I plan on putting these on leather cuffs but probably won't get them done in time for the show.  The leather neck cords just need a clasp and they'll be ready for a pendant.

muffin tin challenge

Here's my preliminary muffin tin for the Muffin Tin Challenge over at the Art Bead Scene Blog.  I am really excited about this challenge, even though I won't be able to finish it in time to enter because of the show.  I'm still going to do it even if I finish late.  Let me tell you, there is no way I can get everything for most of my necklaces into a single muffin cup, but at least I got a lot of it. I have parts for more than 12 things in here. The planes and accompanying pieces will be earrings. I have a request for this show for cross jewelry, so I have a lot of crosses and hope to get a few more made up. I've got to dig out some turquoise to go with the coral crosses.  And I'm not sure about the blue beads with the heart and key.  I think I need smaller beads to go with Martha's heart charm. 

For a long time I've done a version of this by bagging things for necklaces in snack bags.  It's much more exciting to put it in the muffin tin. I think it's inspiring to see it there on the bead table. If you click on the photo I made a few notes on Etsy. 

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Martha said...

I absolutely love the necklaceK!!! I'll post about it on my blog and link back to your blog. Good luck at your show.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, those cuffs are GORGEOUS! I want to learn to do that too. And I was going to do that muffin tin idea as well - isn't that a cute idea? But most of my necklaces are 3-strand and would not fit into each cup either! Good luck on the show!!!!!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks , Martha!

Leslie Todd said...

Marcy, maybe you and I should use bread tins instead! I saw one at an antique store. It was about 8 bead loaf tins hooked together. It was quite large, lol.

Grubbi said...

Looking forward to seeing your Muffin Tin pieces finished, some great looking beads there. :)

Leslie Todd said...

Thaks, Grubbi! I've finished six things so far.