Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Finds--A Truckload of Silver Plate

Last weekend I went to a little flea market.  It's held outside one of my favorite antique places.


There was a lady there with a pile of silver plate silverware.  I inquired about the price and she quoted me a price far below the usual per piece for the lot. Then she said the silver plate trays were included (4). I paid her and she bagged my plate up, including the sugar, creamers, baby cup and candle snuffer.  I hadn't realized any of that was included. 

a pile of silver plate

One of the platters sticks to a magnet so I guess it is plated over iron or something.  The sugar and creamer set has a mark, as does the baby cup.  The silver ware is marked as well. There are a couple of knives that are stainless steel and have non-serrated blades.  I plan on using them to open the folds in my fold formed pieces.  There's a lot one design--the pointy ended one with the rose on the right and left--that isn't my favorite design but I think I can do something with it. 

I guess I better get busy with my silverware benders since I now have lots of pieces to practice on.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the platters.  I'm thinking of cutting them up and using the pieces as backing for copper and brass pendants.  Given the price of silver now I think this will sell.  The engraving on the platters is quite attractive. 


Anonymous said...

Leslie, what are "silverware benders"? I took a class using a silver spoon for a bracelet and it was a pain in the *** to bend. Is there actually a gadget that works better? You have a good haul there, Girl!

Leslie Todd said...

Marcy, there's a fellow who selsl silverware benders on Ebay. Google silverware benders and I think you will find it. I'll look later today and send you a link. He has benders for making bracelets and one for rings. I have not used mine yet. They have to be clamped or bolted to the workbench. I can see that they are going to make bending those handles a lot easier. You hold onto the spoon or fork head and use it as leverage when pulling the handle through the bender rollers.

The first time I made a bracelet I annealed the fork. I annealed a spoon at the same time and bubbled the plate on it. That's when I went looking for a tool to use without annealing. I want to do things with the tines of the fork, and hammer spoons flat and the benders won't help with that.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh my what a stash!!! It sounds like the tool plumbers use for bending pipe! I didn't know there was a silverware bender! You learn something new everyday!!!I can't wait to see what you make!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Bahahaha I did a search for "spoon bender" and this is what comes up! LOL I thought you would get a kick out of this!!!


Leslie Todd said...

Hi Patty! I have several sizes of the plumbers bending tools, the ones that look like springs and the spoon benders are nothing like them. They are basically a pair of rollers.

I did see the mentalism auction on ebay. I don't think I could bend spoons that way, LOL.

My Life Under the Bus said...

I am totally obsessed now - I've got to save my pennies because the roller looks completely awesome....I tried to do it with my mind but I don't have much left! hahahahahaha

Leslie Todd said...

Patty, you are so funny! Since we can't bend spoons with our mind we'll just have to use the rollers, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I have used the bender you are yalking about, If it is the same one there or no rollers that move. The best way to use the bender is to insert the handle and hit with a rawhide hammer. Keep moving the handle in as you hit it until the desired shape in formed, I make each half of a bracelet that way, grind and buff the ends, join with a jumpring,drilling holes in both ends first and add split rings and a clasp,
Goodluck, Tommy

Leslie Todd said...

Tommy, thanks for the tips! I confess I haven't used them yet. I'm waiting for the new studio table to get built so I'll have something to bolt it on. Hopefully, this is my Christmas present from hubby.