Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Finds and Muffin Tins

There's been some interest in my muffin tin so I thought I'd supply some info about it.  It's a vintage Ecko brand Ovenex Starburst pattern.  Hubby bought it for two dollars at a garage sale and I got a second one for a similar price at a flea market.  They were both very black.  After Hubby used the one he bought to mold homemade lye soap  it came out looking much nicer and brighter.  I immediately confiscated it.  It's the one I used for the challenge.

Saturday I felt the need for retail therapy so I went by a couple of my favorite stores.  I found a matching starburst cookie sheet.  I thought it would be cool for laying out necklaces until I saw the price--$27.00.  Yikes!  I like it, but not that much. They also had some commercial pans:

This one would be a tight fit in a standard oven.

This is a loaf pan.  No way will it fit in a standard oven. This is what Marcy and I need for our big necklaces!  Just kidding, Marcy.  It is too big. 

Here are a couple of the starburst  tins on Etsy: here and here.

I did find some treasures. Here's a hint:

detail vintage jewelry

I picked up these two lovely necklaces--so small, just 15 inches. 

vintage crystal jewelry

And these three pair of earrings wanted to go home with me.

There were a few odds and ends:

vintage finds

And I got really excited over this:

antique typewriter

It's very dirty, but it works.  There's a cover that I didn't show in the photo.  It's an Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter.  I have to research to find out more.  I love antique typewriters.  

detail of Underwood Portable

I don't know yet if the wooden spacer bar is original, or a repair.  

Besides being in working condition one of the best things about it is that is weighs almost nothing.  This means I can display it just about anywhere.  I have a couple of very beautiful full size ones, plus several in not such good shape, and they all are quite heavy.  I have to be careful where I put them. 

Replacement ribbons are available and I will someday use this to type words for collage.  I will probably also have to replace the patten; that's the rubber roller that the paper goes around.  They tend to get very hard with age, so hard they can damage the keys. 

What are your favorite vintage items?


My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh that typewriter is fantastic! I love sooo manythings I can't even think! Blue birds and other of pearl, mourning jewelry, paste, silverware, ephemera old toys (wheelbarrows, phones,sewing machines) - oh good grief give me one of everything! lol

Leslie Todd said...

I like a lot of those things too, Patty. I like old tintypes and cabinet cards as well.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had some place around Atlanta to find that gorgeous vintage jewelry. Yummmmm. I don't think they make muffin tins BIG ENOUGH for my gawdy jewelry!!!! Hahahaha.

Pretty Things said...

I started hyperventilating at the typewriter -- I collect them (I have three). You can check here http://www.portabletypewriters.co.uk/ for a price, and I'm looking for my lost bookmark of another site.

Leslie Todd said...

Marcy, that bread pan was huge. Something with compartments half that size would be good for bigger and multi-strand necklaces. And your jewelry is lovely, not gawdy.

Leslie Todd said...

Lori, I almost did not ask the price on the typewriter. It was not marked. The last one I saw that was similar was $360.00. It was very clean though. I paid $45.00 for this one and since it works I think that's a steal. I have decided that I will only collect the portables, if any, from now on because I don't really have a place for the 30 pounders.

thetexpatstarling said...

I love the typewriter. The photo's are great. I saw them first on Flickr. I want to reach out and touch them, when I look at the photos.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Starling! I'm trying to work on my closeup photography.

I wish I could find the junior typewriter Mom and Dad got me when I was about 12. It was teal. Probably it went somewhere years ago. I used it a LOT.

Fresh Garden said...

Wow, Leslie! Absolutely fantastic!

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Fresh Garden!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great finds! The typwriter is amazing and it works!!! Aren't old vintage rhinestone pieces the best? I have have a few inherited pieces which I adore wearing out at night! ~Val

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Val. I love old rhinestone pieces. They are just so beautiful.