Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texture Tuesday

I know I've been doing Presentation Tuesday, but it's going to be moved to another day.  Every once in a while I want to do Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.  I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I figure I'll learn something.

Here's my finished photo:


I used two of Kim's textures, warmsun and yesteryear in Photoshop Elements.  I think I want to work some more on it and make the textures a little less subtle. I find that I've forgotten most of what I knew about layers in Elements so I need to read my book again. 

Here is the original:


I do have an upcoming Presentation Tuesday.  Not sure when I will post it--maybe next Tuesday if not before.


Holly said...

Oh, goodness, I love what you've done with this photo! It's lovely, nice and vintage-y! :)

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks Holly!

Peabea said...

I love the idea of your photograph...silverware. The change from the original is very nice...love the original though also.


Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Peabea. I have a post coming out later today about how I came to have that silverware.

Light Trigger said...

this is so nice!!! great edit!
Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Carol!

thetexpatstarling said...

I really like the picture. Nice composition. The Pioneer Woman has free actions for Photoshop Elements that are really great. I use them all the time.

Leslie Todd said...

Thanks, Starling. I'll have to check out the Pioneer Woman.